I Wanna Go Outside

by Distinct Kicking Motion

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released April 21, 2016



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Distinct Kicking Motion Rochester, New York

Hi! My name is Ed Klingenberger and I am Distinct Kicking Motion. Hopefully, this will turn in to a proper band with live shows and whatnot, but for now it's just me making progressive rock/metal/punk in the comfort of my home.

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Track Name: I Wanna Go Outside
It's been so long since those days when the wind didn't hurt my face
I had forgotten how they felt
But now the snow's finally gone and almost time to mow the lawn
As the spring removes the snowbelt

We northerners all celebrate the day
Old Man Winter gets up and walks away

And we'll go down to the park
You bring your glove, I'll have a baseball
We'll play catch 'till it gets dark
I wanna go outside

Now here we go down the stairs and out the door and anywhere
My daydreaming sure ain't lazy
And though we know what we've got someone complains that it's too hot
We Rochester folk are crazy

It's too nice out to be stuck inside all day
Kinda makes me wanna call in sick and go outside and play
Sometimes I'm tired of being an adult
Growing up is so overrated - grown up stuff gets in the way

If the weather is still good
Then we'll go out and get some ice cream
Oh man I wish we could
I wanna go outside
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Hang Out With You
You asked me what I'm doing, well
I don't wanna hang out with you
You asked me why you couldn't tell
I don't wanna hang out with you
You're big and loud and always hungry
But you never have any money
And to tell the truth you smell kinda funny
I don't wanna hang out with you

Despite your claims I'm not a prude
I just think you're extremely rude
And this has led me to conclude
I don't wanna hang out with you no more

You're unbelievably arrogant
I don't wanna hang out with you
You used the word "sheeple" and meant it
I don't wanna hang out with you
Your head is bigger than my brother's and his head is huge
of course i'm mixing metaphorical and physical but my point still stands
I don't wanna hang out with you

Well now you know exactly why
I don't wanna hang out with you
And I don't know if it makes you cry but
I don't wanna hang out with you
I've had enough of your tasteless jokes
That always target the weakest folks
And will you shut up about that stupid hoax
I don't wanna hang out with you